Located on the banks of the Ohio River

About the Amphitheater

The Allen Family Amphitheater that overlooks the Ohio River has been a community project funded entirely by the community.

The amphitheater is a multipurpose facility that will have 3 rows of concrete seating for 124 people and  will meet all ADA requirements. The majority of seating will be grass, molded into the hillside years ago, to accommodate unlimited blanket and lawn chair seating.  This gives guests a real feeling of being part of the nature of the Old Lock and Dam Park.

We encourage you to call our Town of Newburgh Facilities manager to reserve the amphitheater today.  If the facility is not reserved, we hope people will stage their own impromptu uses.  It is meant to be used by all.


The covered stage is 24” depth with front stage being 41” tapering to 24’ in the back and can accommodate up to 65 musicians and their instruments. This compares to Castle High School stage that is 52’ x 46’ and the Friedman Park stage 50’ x 20’.


3 rows of concrete seating for 124 people and meets all ADA requirements. The majority of seating will be unlimited grass seating to accommodate blankets and lawn chairs.


There are lights for the stage and stairs that can be turned on in the mechanical building located behind the stage. If additional lighting is required there are light bars running the width of the stage with 16 electrical outlets available on stage.


The Little Red Brick House has one ADA accessible bathroom and a staging area for the amphitheater user. Additional restrooms are available across the street.

Dark Sky Initiative

All lighting meets Dark Sky Initiative requirements as well as LEED requirements. This could be the start of a local movement to voluntarily move our community to reclaim the view of the night sky. This could be an encouragement to others to install shades on existing lights to focus light down where we need it and not washout the sky and the stars above.


For those wishing to provide food for their event, there is space for Food Trucks and electrical to accommodate. Food Trucks are welcome. You could also bring your own food and set up in the grass, on the covered stage area or bring your own for a picnic. There are a number of restaurants and banquet facilities in the Town of Newburgh: Knob Hill, Tin Fish, Café Arazu, The Landing, and Jennings Street Pub.

Parking and Driveway

A concrete drive will offer attendees drop off capabilities and allow for buses to turn around. There are 2 ADA parking spaces. There is also parking available across the street at the boat ramp. With prior permission parking is available at the Newburgh Elementary School and at People’s Bank. Contact Newburgh Elementary School at 812-852-8921 or Peoples Trust and Savings Bank at 812-842-2265 for additional event parking. For really big events that need bus shuttles, Sharon School is very accommodating for parking.


There is a Stage Wiring Access Box (SWAB) for your use with your sound system. The 20 channel audio snake (16 XLR inputs with 4 XLR returns- balanced connector types) is a permanent fixture that can be used by qualified users. It enables audio connections from the mix pad (upper deck behind concrete seating) to the stage. It runs underground to eliminate any taping of wires or trip hazards. The SWAB also enables temporary and future installation of low voltage cabling for additional audio/video and light control requirements.


The Old Lock and Dam Building, accross the street, accommodates up to 100 people. The 2 Lock Master Cottages on the hillside, make great locations for smaller meal gatherings. Each cottage provides beds for up to 8 people. Preservation Hall, located at 200 State Street, is a great reception venue after your event at the amphitheater.

Power Info

225 Amp, 120/240V, with 20 amp receptacles. There is also adequate power outlets for several Food Trucks. There are 16 outlets on the stage collumns. Additional outlets are available in the mechanical room through the access panels.